Tuition Funding for Private Christian Education

Our passion and our mission is to make private Christian education as accessible as possible to as many families as possible.

The Lord commanded us to “make disciples” and after paying tuition at private Christian schools for over 20 years (three sons, so over 50 years cumulatively) I’ve seen firsthand how effective private Christian education is, as a ministry of the Church, to serve families, to equip the saints, to encourage believers, and to enjoy the fellowship of the saints.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more productive ministry.

One heartbreaking reality, is that because many Christian parents are unfairly paying twice for education, it is unapproachable by those who don’t have upper middle-class household incomes. They pay taxes (65% of our own state budget goes to support public/state education), and then if they choose to opt out of the state education system, they have to pay private tuition.  Over the many years that I’ve been involved with leading mens’ Bible studies, and mentoring younger men, private Christian education has often come up.  Finances are the number one hurdle.

I need to be clear here.  These young families who are not able to afford private Christian schools may be making some minor financial errors in their household budgeting…maybe they don’t need a vacation every year, or maybe they could drive their cars longer, these are typically not rampant spenders…they are just young families trying to build their businesses, careers, homes and families, and finding the cost of private Christian education unapproachable without some help.

I think this is an appalling failure of the Church.

I also think that as the last vestiges of our Judeo-Christian convictions, ethics and morality are being systematically pushed out of public life, it is becoming increasingly clear, and even the most sluggish among us are realizing, that as Christians, we shouldn’t be sending our kids off to be “indoctrinated” with philosophies that directly oppose the sound Biblical historic Christian faith we are teaching our children at home.  It is becoming increasingly clear that the State thinks they have priority over parents in determining what should be included in their education.

These are the things that motivate us and drive us to do everything we can to help families afford private Christian schools for their children.

If you share these passions…our mission…we ask you to follow our progress, join us in our work, and let us help you make private Christian education more accessible to families at your school.

If you’re interested in learning more, or keeping in touch, please contact us directly, through our “Contact Us” page.